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Flying Fur Vehicles

Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Flying Fur Animal Rescue was founded in 2015. We are an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in south eastern Pennsylvania that was founded on the idea of helping desperate animals in need, in a unique fashion.  


Annually, the founder spends over $10,000 a year, out-of-pocket, to help save more lives.


Every day, healthy, loving animals throughout this country are condemned to euthanization, simply because they cannot get to other areas where they would otherwise be adopted…we help to change those odds.


We operate along the east coast of the North America, where there is a large need for transport. Normally our rescue missions involve moving animals from kill shelters in the south to no-kill shelters in the northeast. 


Each transport averages around $500 (aircraft), currently paid for out of pocket. We have no administrative overhead, salaries or extra costs. 


Through a network of animal rescue organizations and ground transport, we help to move animals from kill shelters to areas where they will be adopted, and given a second chance at life. Many times air transport is the safest and most efficient way to transport these animals. Usually we can help move animals from shelter to rescue within the same day.


Paul Steklenski


Paul is the founder, pilot, scheduler, social media, accounting, web design, and fur parent. Paul is a U.S. Army veteran, and currently a network engineer by day, specializing in Cisco collaboration technologies, including VOIP, route/switch, and security. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and classic autos.

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Tessa the Dog


Tessa is Paul’s rescue pup, and the inspiration for the founding of the organization. Her day job includes sleeping, eating, barking at random delivery people, and general doggy shenanigans. She enjoys playing, long walks on the trail, chewing on stuff, and licking people.

Flying Fur One - Bonanza

Flying Fur One

Air Transport

Flying Fur One is a 1970 Beechcraft Bonanza V35B powered by the Continental IO520. Specifically outfitted for animal rescue, it’s rear seats are removed and it is equipped with the “big baggage” door for easier crate loading.


Flying Fur Three

Ground Transport

Flying Fur Three is a custom ground vehicle currently under construction.  It will be able to transport over 50 full size animals, in a climate controlled, fully independent environment.

Flying Fur Two - the Pawty Bus

Flying Fur Two

Ground Transport

Flying Fur Two aka the “Pawty Bus” is a 1980 MCI 9 conversion bus, retrofitted for animal rescue. Primary power is a Detroit Diesel 8V71. Auxilary power is provided by a 12kw Cummins diesel generator. Fully self contained, it has transported over 42 animals in one mission.